Tenor Banjos

Bacon & Day Silver Bell No1 Sultana

1930's, all original and unrestored, nickel plated, straight neck, light finish wear. HSC. £1200. Photos


Clifford Essex Paragon

Not for sale. Photos for pleasure. Photos

Epiphone Recording Bandmaster

Serial number 6727. Rosewood, new 24k gold plating, new gold plated Gotoh tuners, light fret wear and some resonator damage. Stunning none the less. HSC. £3000.  Photos


Epiphone Recording Concert Special

Holly, gold plated, engraved and carved, replacement tuners. HSC. £3750  Photos


Gibson TB-4
It's not very often good quality Mastertone tenor banjos come to the market, so I was very happy when a customer asked me to list this beautiful TB-4 for him. Serial # 8103-19. Mahogany neck and resonator, maple rim, Ball-Bearing tonering. Recently re-fretted and refinished in a traditional manner. The Ball-Bearing tone ring system, is arguably the best of all the Gibson variants. Stunning to play, with looks to match. HSC. £3000 Photos

La Scala Grande Cello Tenor

1920's. An extremely rare La Scala Grande Cello tenor banjo. 13"  rim, calfskin head, replacement tuners. Comes with a custom-made Len Mills case. £1200.  Photos


Ludwig Cort

American black walnut, new finish and plating, original hardware. Stunning condition. HSC. £1000.  Photos


Paramount Tenor Harp

Made by Paramount New York circa 1920's. Styled like a tenor banjo but made entirely of wood, with an arched, spruce top, maple neck and resonator. One odd tuner otherwise 100% original. Beautiful tone. HSC. Offers.  Photos


Sully's Bohee

Maple, archtop rim, decorative flange, slimline resonator. Excellent condition. HSC. £1200.  Photos


VegaVox Special

Here we have a Martin built Vox, with an 11 1/16 rim and a unique tone ring. Research has led me to believe this was a prototype model. One other is known to exist. The tailpiece is functional, but in true Vox style, has lost its rigidity. HSC. £1200.  Photos


Vega Little Wonder

Natural maple, 28 piece flange, pie-crust resonator, non original tailpiece. A few battle scars, but for an original un-restored example, it's in cracking condition. HSC. £850. Photos


Vega Little Wonder. Rare Variant

An incredibly rare short scale model, with an 11 13/16 rim, full flange and resonator, original armrest, modern tuners,
new Renaissance head, new bridge & strings, non original tailpiece. Stunning. No case. £950. Photos

Vega Style M. Rare Variant

Affectionately known as the "King Of The Short Scales". An extremely rare variant, with a 17 fret neck, 11 13/16 rim, 30 piece flange and resonator. Now fitted with a reproduction Vega armrest. Light wear on one section of the resonator, otherwise in wonderful un-restored condition. HSC. £1200.  Photos


Vega Style N Custom
A Style N rim, with a custom inlaid neck and a Silver Bell shaped flange. An incredible looking and sounding banjo, to suit a player of any standard. No case. £700.  Photos


Vega Style X No9

Maple, 17 fret, open back, 10 15/16 rim, Tubaphone tone ring, heavily inlaid and engraved, carved heel. At some time in its past a resonator had been fitted. VG/EX condition. HSC. £1300.  Photos


Vega Whyte Laydie Style R

A beautiful Vega in natural maple, Whyte Laydie tone ring, original hardware. Since the photos were taken, the banjo has been refinished and looks stunning. Understated elegance. HSC. £1200.  Photo


Vegaphone Professional

1920's. Maple throughout, 28 piece flange, pie-crust resonator, modern tuners and tailpiece. Stunning. HSC. £1000. Photos.


Vegaphone Artist

Maple, four piece flange, heavily inlaid and engraved fingerboard, carved heel, rhinestones added to the rim, peghead and flange. HSC. £1400.  Photos


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