Tenor Banjos

Ashbury AB-45
A rare version of this popular banjo with flying eagle style inlays. The case is only good for shipping purposes. Excellent condition. Available soon. £400


Bacon & Day Silver Bell No1 Sultana

1930's, all original and unrestored, nickel plated, straight neck, light finish wear. HSC. £1200. Photos


Gibson Mastertone TB-4
It's not very often good quality Mastertone tenor banjos come to the market, so I was very happy when a customer asked me to list this beautiful TB-. Serial # 8103-19. Mahogany neck and resonator, maple rim, Ball-Bearing tonering. Recently re-fretted and refinished in a traditional manner. The Ball-Bearing tone ring system, is arguably the best of all the Gibson variants. Stunning to play, with looks to match. HSC. £3000 Photos

Gibson TB-5 
On Consignment. The instrument is with its owner in Ireland.
Circa 1924. 18 frets, maple neck and rim, gold plated, twin co-ordinator rods, pyralin resonator. A rare banjo in stunning condition. An ideal candidate for conversion.  HSC. £1650 
Please email the owner to "Charlie" discuss this instrument. chashealy@hotmail.com

La Scala Grande Cello Tenor

1920's. An extremely rare La Scala Grande Cello tenor banjo. 13"  rim, calfskin head, replacement tuners. Comes with a custom-made Len Mills case. £1200.  Photos


Ludwig Cort

American black walnut, new finish and plating, original hardware. Stunning condition. HSC. £1000.  Photos


Paramount Tenor Harp

Made by Paramount New York circa 1920's. Styled like a tenor banjo but made entirely of wood, with an arched, spruce top, maple neck and resonator. One odd tuner otherwise 100% original. Beautiful tone. HSC. Offers.  Photos


Sully's Bohee

Maple, archtop rim, decorative flange, slimline resonator. Excellent condition. HSC. £1200.  Photos


VegaVox Special

Here we have a Martin built Vox, with an 11 1/16 rim and a unique tone ring. Research has led me to believe this was a prototype model. One other is known to exist. The tailpiece is functional, but in true Vox style, has lost its rigidity. HSC. £1200.  Photos


Vega Little Wonder

Natural maple, 28 piece flange, pie-crust resonator, non original tailpiece. A few battle scars, but for an original un-restored example, it's in cracking condition. HSC. £850. Photos


Vega Little Wonder. Rare Variant

An incredibly rare short scale model, with an 11 13/16 rim, full flange and resonator, original armrest, modern tuners,
new Renaissance head, new bridge & strings, non original tailpiece. Stunning. No case. £950. Photos

Vega Style M. Rare Variant

Affectionately known as the "King Of The Short Scales". An extremely rare variant, with a 17 fret neck, 11 13/16 rim, 30 piece flange and resonator. Now fitted with a reproduction Vega armrest. Light wear on one section of the resonator, otherwise in wonderful un-restored condition. HSC. £1200.  Photos


Vega Style N Custom
A Style N rim, with a custom inlaid neck and a Silver Bell shaped flange. An incredible looking and sounding banjo, to suit a player of any standard. No case. £700.  Photos


Vegaphone Professional

On Consignment. Instrument is with its owner.
Vegaphone Professional serial # 9598 Tubaphone tone ring 4 piece flange, Schaller tuners, some replaced hooks. The mahogany resonator was "Luthier made" in the 1960’s. Playing wear to the arm, but overall a great banjo, with that incomparable Vega tone. £800  Photos

Vegaphone Artist

Maple, four piece flange, heavily inlaid and engraved fingerboard, carved heel, rhinestones added to the rim, peghead and flange. HSC. £1400.  Photos


Windsor Ambassador Supremus

A lovely banjo from this prolific Birmingham maker. Excellent frets, walnut neck and resonator, spun over rim, Pyxe tailpice, original tuners. HSC. £550. Available soon.

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