Tenor Banjos

Bacon & Day Ne Plus Ultra
On Consignment. The instrument is with its owner in Canada, who is a specialist at shipping worldwide.
Here is a very rare opportunity to own such a B&D Ne Plus Ultra banjo; less than 5 of these banjos are known to exist.
This one had previously belonged to Johnny Baier, Buddy Wachter & Luke Howe. It seems to have traveled through John Bernunzio's shop at one time, to Germany and back to North America again.
The banjo itself has a 12" diameter Head & Pot w/ a prototype archtop tonering system that later became the Symphonie. These banjos were custom orders from Frank Reino himself to the Bacon Banjo Co. As a soloist in the Vincent Lopez Orchestra in the late 1920s, Reino had one of these in the band - which stayed in the band when he left for the Paul Ash Orchestra. Reino kept his own No.8 which is now held by a German collector (sold after his death in 1950s according to his family). The tone of this banjo is huge and powerful. The one-piece ebony neck plays like a dream (Yes - one piece, unlike all other NPUs which have 3 piece necks).
Shipping provided with the sale of this banjo. 7000 USD. Price is negotiable. Photos
Please contact Peter at the following email address to discuss this instrument. corfield.peter@gmail.com

Bacon & Day Gordon
This instrument is in Germany. Please contact the owner "Gregor" direct with any questions or queries.
1930. Identical to a B&D Senorita, but predating that model by two years. On the worlds leading Bacon & Day database, there are only 24 Gordons recorded, 23 of them are tenors and with a total of only 250-300 being made between 1928-1934, this banjo is very rare. Stunning overall condition and a great sound. HSC. £600. Photos

Clifford Essex Paragon

Grafton street model, with a reproduction neck. All original hardware, one tiny crack on the resonator sidewall otherwise undamaged throughout. Low action on a 5/8 bridge. Beautiful condition. HSC. £2800  Photos

Epiphone Recording Artist 20 Frets

An extremely rare long-scale Epiphone tenor banjo with 20 frets and a 24" scale. Walnut, nickel-plated, arrow-straight neck,
perfect frets, Grover two-band tuners, missing arm-rest, replacement tailpiece. HSC. Beautiful condition. £1850, including postage to the UK and Europe. Photos

Epiphone Recording Concert Special
Beautiful condition. Available soon.

Fender Concert Tone
Walnut with marquetry inlaid neck and resonator, heavy bell-bronze archtop tonering, crisp engravings, worn gold plating,

twin co-ordinator rods, adjustable truss rod, excellent frets, no damage or repairs. Very rare. HSC. £2000. Photos

Gibson Mastertone TB6/Florentine The Andrew Metzgar Banjo
FON 9337-1, circa 1929.  This banjo is most likely unique and is an interesting mix of two of Gibson’s high-end Mastertone styles. The fingerboard inlays and chequerboard trim are typical of a Style 6, and the gold-plated hardware is engraved with the pattern used on the ornate Florentine, the Grover clamshell tailpiece is engraved "Florentine", two-piece flange, 40-hole archtop tone ring, deluxe Grover tuners with solid pearl buttons, armrest-activated mute (missing a wooded pad). Other features including mahogany wood, dark finish, and concentric rings of checkerboard purfling on the back of the resonator are not featured on any other standard Gibson model, leading to believe this instrument was custom made for Andrew Metzgar, whose name is engraved on the truss-rod cover, fitted with a Fishman rare-earth pickup, modern case.

Comes with a full written appraisal/valuation by Joe Spann. £9000  Photos


Jedson High Grade. On Consignment 

One of the highest grade banjos Jedson made and styled on a Paramount (possibly made under license). Stunning walnut resonator and neck, maple rim, archtop ring, gold plated, solid pearl tuner buttons, figure 8 tuners, ebony fingerboard with beautiful inlays, perfect frets, the neck, and resonator have been refinished in a traditional manner, stunning tone. HSC. Offers Invited. Photos
Please contact the owner Larry to discuss this instrument lmaginniss1@gmail.com


Ludwig Cort

American black walnut, new finish, and plating, original hardware. Stunning condition. HSC. £1000.  Photos


Majestic Chief
A rare model made by Puntolillo, New York in the 1920s. Brazilian rosewood neck and resonator, rosewood veneered maple rim, ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays, archtop tonering, modern hooks, nuts, armrest, tailpiece and tuners (holes left from previous tuners), replated flange and tension hoop, straight neck, excellent frets, two pieces of piece of replaced binding, the resonator has its original finish which has a few scuffs and scratches but no damage. An extremely powerful instrument with a beautiful action and tone. HSC. £1800. Photos
Majestic Deluxe 1 of 2
Made by Puntolillo, New York in the 1920s. A very early Deluxe, serial #4. Brazilian rosewood neck and resonator, rosewood veneered maple rim, ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays, archtop tonering, the neck is multi-layered in different coloured woods, beautiful marquetry to the resonator, intricate peghead inlay, original nickel-plated hardware with some wear to the hooks,
straight neck, excellent frets. HSC. £2000  Photos

Majestic Deluxe 2 of 2

Serial #1. Branded SS Stewart and made for them by Majestic. Rosewood neck and rosewood veneered rim, the resonator is sectioned and made up of different rosewoods and mahogany, ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays, the peghead is one of the most beautifully decorated I've ever seen,  archtop tonering, gold plated (with some wear), 3 replacement nuts otherwise all hardware is original and include solid pearl tuner buttons. HSC. £2000  Photos

Ome MegaVox Grand Artist "African Savannah" 
A one-off custom-made instrument serial #1. Multi-coloured maple, the resonator is inlaid with abalone and marquetry and depicts scenes from the African savannah, the ebony fingerboard is inlaid with abalone birds, whilst the front and rear of the peghead show elephants and giraffes, gold plated and engraved, Vox style resonator, Megatone tonering. Stunning. OHSC. £4000  Photos

Ome Renaissance
Light plating wear in a few places, otherwise mint. Arriving soon.

Paramount Aristocrat Special
Stunning instrument. Arriving soon.


Paramount Style A
Serial # 8880 dates the banjo to 1927. Maple, 23" scale, 11 1/8" rim, rosewood fingerboard with diagonal inlays, profusely inlaid peghead, straight neck, excellent frets, perfect heel, a previous owner ingeniously modified the perch-pole bracket (see photo) to allow for easy action adjustment, two spots of finish wear on resonator otherwise beautiful all over.  HSC. £1100. Photos


Paramount Tenor Harp

Made by Paramount New York circa 1920s. Styled like a tenor banjo but made entirely of wood, with an arched, spruce top, maple neck, and resonator. One odd tuner otherwise 100% original. Beautiful tone. HSC. Offers.  Photos


Richelieu Golden Eagle Archtop

Made in Wisconsin, maple, bell-bronze archtop tone ring, eagle inlaid resonator, arrow-straight neck, perfect frets, one tiny chip of lacquer missing from resonator otherwise like new. HSC. £2200. Photos


SS Stewart Deluxe

Serial #1. An incredible instrument made for Stewart by Majestic. Rosewood neck and rosewood veneered rim, the resonator is sectioned and made up of different rosewoods and mahogany, ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays, the peghead is one of the most beautifully decorated I've ever seen,  archtop tonering, gold plated (with some wear), 3 replacement nuts otherwise all hardware is original and include solid pearl tuner buttons. HSC. £2200  Photos


Stromberg Marimba
On consignment. The instrument is located in Worcestershire

Circa 1922, maple, arch-top cuppertone tone ring, modern tuners otherwise all original. Stromberg were renowned for their quality and workmanship and this instrument is a testament to that. An incredible instrument with an incomparable tone.

HSC. £1150.  Photos

Please contact Tony Maginniss to discuss this instrument. antmac70@talktalk.net  Collection only. 

Vega Moderne

1932. A beautiful instrument in maple, decorated in the Art Deco style, unique rim assembly, marquetry inlaid resonator, block inlaid fingerboard. Stunning condition. HSC. Arriving soon.


Vegaphone Professional 

1927, maple, 23" scale, Tubaphone tonering, four-piece flange, new hooks and nuts, straight neck, excellent frets,

upgraded with Gotoh tuners and a Tensionator tailpiece. Low action on a 5/8 bridge. Set up in GDAE.

Beautiful condition. HSC. £1200.  Photos


VegaVox Special

Here we have a Martin-built Vox, with an 11 1/16 rim and a unique tone ring. Research has led me to believe this was a prototype model. One other is known to exist. The tailpiece is functional, but in true Vox style, has lost its rigidity. HSC. £1000. Photos


Vega Style X No9
King of the Short Scales. 11 13/16 rim, 21" scale, maple, extended fingerboard, stunning engraved inlays, carved heel, marquetry rim cap, close-fitting pie crust resonator, new tuners, ingenious action adjuster added to perch pole. HSC. £2100. Photos

Vega Style N Custom
A Style N rim, with a custom inlaid neck and a Silver Bell-shaped flange. An incredible looking and sounding banjo, to suit a player of any standard. No case. £700.  Photos


Vegaphone Artist

Maple, four-piece flange, heavily inlaid and engraved fingerboard, carved heel, rhinestones added to the rim, peghead and flange. HSC. £1400.  Photos


Weymann Orchestra Style 2
Maple, 19 frets, archtop rim, decorative flange, non original tuners, straight neck, excellent frets, worn finish. HSC. £1600



Weymann Orchestra Style 6

Beautiful condition. Available soon.

Windsor Monarch Supremus
A very rare, high-grade Windsor in Walnut. Heavy-duty archtop rim, gold plated. The resonator could do with some TLC, but is perfectly usable as-is. Pretty much untouched from new, as can be seen from the original head which was fitted when it arrived. It is now fitted with a super-tight modern head. HSC. £1000 Photos

Windsor Premier No1 Short Scale

Rosewood, 17 frets, 21" scale, 11 3/4 rim, straight neck, excellent frets, pearl inlays, spun-over rim, modern tuners, all other hardware is original, some playing wear, Incredibly rare in this configuration. Find another. £1800. HSC. Photos


Windsor Supremus Deluxe
An incredibly rare arch-top Windsor in Rosewood, stunning gold plating, profusely engraved, and marquetry decorated resonator. The neck is not original but is made from rosewood and compliments the banjo perfectly. 
Now fitted with modern gold plated tuners. HSC. £2000.  Photos