5-String Banjos

Gibson Mastertone RB5

1927. Currently a PB5 and will be having a new neck made by Richie Dotson in Virginia, USA. One of only ten PB5's made with a 40 hole archtop tone-ring, original hardware including the rare mute. Replated and refinished. To find out more about this gloriuos instrument, or to register an interest in purchasing it, please use the link below. Price TBA on completion.

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Open back, maple neck and rim, ebony rim cap, arch top tone ring. Parallel neck so can also be used as a plectrum. Excellent Condition. SSC. Offers Please. Photos

Slingerland MayBell

On Consignment. Instrument is with it's owner.
Here we have a gorgeous, all maple 5 string, flat head tone ring, inlaid rim, nickel plated, original hardware. £700. OHSC. Photos

Please contact the owner Keith Wilson to discuss this instrument keithwilson59@talktalk.net