Plectrum Banjos

Barnes & Mullins Hybrid
Maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, scalloped tension hoop, pearl inlay, high-quality nickel-plated brass archtop rim assembly. The neck appears to be a reproduction and made in the B&M style. The resonator is maple with a stunning Burl walnut veneer. Period Grover tuners, action adjuster. A powerhouse banjo which plays lovely as-is. The perfectionist' however may want to have the neck re-set. Would also make a superb rim for a tenor banjo. It comes with a lovely vintage case. Offers, please. Photos

A high-grade model in birds eye maple. Flathead, original tuners and armrest, clamshell tailpiece, Inlaid rim. Ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay, both intricately inlaid with genuine mother of pearl designs. An extremely powerful jazz band instrument. It comes with the original hardshell case. Excellent condition. £800. Photos

John Grey The Autocrat

High quality plectrum banjo, made in London circa 1920's. Pristine condition with original hardware. HSC. Offers Invited.  Photos

Paramount Aristocrat Special
Previously supplied by Elderly Instruments in the USA.1929. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with fancy pearl inlays (appear to be re-engraved after refret), walnut neck with a multicoloured center strip and carved heel, 5/8" walnut rim, polished brass flange and rim skirt (originally white baked-on enamel), original hardware, push-pull mute mechanism, walnut resonator with very elaborate wood marquetry flower on back and interlaced hexagon purfling on sides, resonator and neck professionally refinished. Very rare model. £2100. Photos

Paramount Aristocrat. On Sale
American black walnut, gold plated, Grover pancake tuners, Ottinger tailpiece, Stunning inlays in the fingerboard and peghead, Paramount's unique 11 1/8 arch top rim assembly, gives this banjo the most wonderful sound, with tons of volume and cut. It comes with it's original which still has its velvet zippered cover. Excellent condition. £800. Photos

Paramount Leader
Rosewood. Original hardware Restored by Robert Aylward and in stunning condition. Incomparable tone.  HSC. £1200. Photos

Vegaphone Professional

On Consignment. The instrument is with its owner.
Maple rim, mahogany neck, 4 piece flange, piecrust resonator, original hardware. Great action, typical Vega tone. HSC. Photos

Please contact the owner (David Griffiths) to discuss this instrument.

Vega Tubaphone No3
20 fret neck and an 11 13/16 rim. Tubaphone tone ring, mahogany neck with a beautifully carved heel, maple rim and close-fitting pie-crust resonator. Presto tailpiece, geared tuners, one missing bracket. Stunning sound and incredibly rare. A jazzers dream. HSC. £1800. Photos

Weymann Orchestra No2
Made in Philidelphia circa 1920's. Maple, standard configuration, original hardware, missing tailpiece cover. HSC. Excellent condition. £1200. Photos

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