VegaVox Special Tenor Banjo

Here we have a Martin built Vox, with an 11 1/16 rim and a unique tone ring. Research has led me to believe this was a prototype model. One other is known to exist. The tailpiece is functional, but in true Vox style, has lost its rigidity. HSC. £1200. Photos


Vega Style N Custom Tenor Banjo
A Style N rim, with a custom inlaid neck and a Silver Bell shaped flange. An incredible looking and sounding banjo, to suit a player of any standard. No case. £700.  Photos


Vegaphone Artist Tenor Banjo

Maple, four-piece flange, heavily inlaid and engraved fingerboard, carved heel, rhinestones added to the rim, peghead and flange. HSC. £1400.  Photos


Vegaphone Professional Plectrum Banjo

On Consignment. The instrument is with its owner.
Maple rim, mahogany neck, 4 piece flange, piecrust resonator, original hardware. Great action, typical Vega tone. HSC. Photos

Please contact the owner (David Griffiths) to discuss this instrument.


Vegaphone Professional Tenor Banjo

1927, maple, Tubaphone tone ring, four-piece flange, new hooks and nuts, straight neck, excellent frets, upgraded with Gotoh tuners and a Tensionator tailpiece. Low action on a 5/8 bridge. Set up in GDAE. Beautiful condition. HSC. £1100. Photos


Vega Tubaphone No3 Plectrum Banjo

20 fret neck and an 11 13/16 rim. Tubaphone tone ring, mahogany neck with a beautifully carved heel, maple rim and close-fitting pie-crust resonator. Presto tailpiece, geared tuners, one missing bracket. Stunning sound and incredibly rare. A jazzers dream. HSC. £1800. Photos