Paramount Aristocrat Special Plectrum Banjo
Previously supplied by Elderly Instruments in the USA.1929. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with fancy pearl inlays (appear to be re-engraved after refret), walnut neck with a multicoloUred center strip and carved heel, 5/8" walnut rim, polished brass flange and rim skirt (originally white baked-on enamel), original hardware, push-pull mute mechanism, walnut resonator with very elaborate wood marquetry flower on back and interlaced hexagon purfling on sides, resonator and neck professionally refinished. Very rare model. £2100. Photos


Paramount Aristocrat Special Tenor Banjo
Made in New York circa 1928. Walnut, gold plated, beautifully decorated resonator, enameled skirt, and arm-rest,
push-button mute, solid pearl tuner buttons, one replaced tuner, lovely frets, straight neck. HSC. £2500.  Photos  On Hold

Paramount Aristocrat Plectrum Banjo 
American black walnut, gold plated, Grover pancake tuners, Ottinger tailpiece, Stunning inlays in the fingerboard and peghead, Paramount's unique 11 1/8 arch top rim assembly, gives this banjo the most wonderful sound, with tons of volume and cut. It comes with it's original which still has its velvet zippered cover. Excellent condition. £800. Photos


Paramount Leader Plectrum Banjo 
Rosewood. Restored by Robert Aylward and in stunning condition. Incomparable tone. HSC. £1000 Photos



Paramount Leader Tenor Banjo
Rosewood, straight neck, excellent frets, beautiful crisp engravings, original tailpiece, and hot-dog armrest, the modern tuners have been recessed in a Weymann style, excellent condition, incredible sound. HSC. £1600.  Photos
Paramount Style A Tenor Banjo
1928 serial #12837. A late model with external action adjuster, push-button mute and Fleur-de-lis skirt, original hardware and frets, micro-crazing to the resonator finish, otherwise mint/as-new. HSC. £1400. Photos

Paramount Style B Tenor Banjo Maple

1923, maple, a beautiful example with original hardware and original frets, perfect heel, straight neck, HSC.

Ex/mint condition. £1500. Photos


Paramount Tenor Harp

Made by Paramount New York circa 1920s. Styled like a tenor banjo but made entirely of wood, with an arched, spruce top, maple neck, and resonator. One odd tuner otherwise 100% original. Beautiful tone. HSC. Offers.  Photos