Clifford Essex

Paragon 5-String Banjo
A beautiful Grafton Street Paragon from 1927. The overall condition is very good. Has the usual resonator cracks, and there’s is the slightest of twist in the neck. It is hardly noticeable, but I thought it worth pointing out. Original hardware and lovely crisp engraving, the original case has only one catch. £1800. Photos
Paragon Rim Assembly
Another lovely Paragon rim assembly. Removed from a 1920's Paragon 5 string. All original hardware, the resonator has the obligatory cracks. Comes with the resonator mounting clamp. £1500. Photos

Paragon Tenor Banjo

Grafton street model, with a reproduction neck. All original hardware, one tiny crack on the resonator sidewall

otherwise undamaged throughout. Low action on a 5/8 bridge. Tuned GDAE. Beautiful condition. HSC. £3500.  Photos