Bacon And Day Ne Plus Ultra
On Consignment. The instrument is with its owner in Canada, who is a specialist at shipping worldwide.
Here is a very rare opportunity to own such a B&D Ne Plus Ultra banjo; less than 5 of these banjos are known to exist.
This one had previously belonged to Johnny Baier, Buddy Wachter & Luke Howe. It seems to have traveled through John Bernunzio's shop at one time, to Germany and back to North America again. The banjo itself has a 12" diameter Head & Pot w/ a prototype archtop tonering system that later became the Symphonie. These banjos were custom orders from Frank Reino himself to the Bacon Banjo Co. As a soloist in the Vincent Lopez Orchestra in the late 1920s, Reino had one of these in the band - which stayed in the band when he left for the Paul Ash Orchestra. Reino kept his own No.8 which is now held by a German collector (sold after his death in the 1950s according to his family).The tone of this banjo is huge and powerful. The one-piece ebony neck plays like a dream (Yes - one piece, unlike all other NPUs which have 3 piece necks).
7000 USD (negotiable). Shipping provided 

Please contact Peter at the following email address to discuss this instrument.